New Graduates

Application Requirements

Students who want to acquire skills.
We mainly design and manufacture molds for engines and mission parts for automobiles.
There are subsidiaries in Thailand, Indonesia, China and Mexico. Those who wish to work at an overseas subsidiary are welcome !!


Design and manufacture of aluminum die casting molds 【In particular】
■ Mold manufacturing process
■ Management of overseas subsidiaries (technology, sales etc.)
■ Technical sales to domestic and overseas business partners

 Qualification requirements


 Recruitment department
Science and engineering
 Work location
Headquarters:Ojima Komono Town, Mie Prefecture Mie Prefecture 2461-32
 Work Time
08:00 - 17:00 (07:00 - 16:00 at summer time)
Salary(Starting salary)

University graduate 210,000 yen
Professional graduate 188,000 yen (3 years course)
Professional graduate 183,000 yen (2 years course)
High school graduate 165,000 yen


Salary raises every year, bonus twice every year, social insurance
[Allowance] Child allowance, outcome allowance (by performance), medical insurance (with second opinion), full payment of commuting expenses, etc.
[System] Retirement allowance(over 2 years)

Holiday / Vacation
Paid: Spring, summer vacation / winter vacation
■ Holidays: 112 per year


Application Requirements

The average age of employees is about 36 years. We are constantly incorporating new technologies.
There are subsidiaries in Thailand, Indonesia, China and Mexico, and we are developing a global business.

■ Job roles at overseas bases:
・Molding technology in general
Experienced workers and experienced mold manufacturers
■ Global human resources

Experienced mold manufacturer who has the following language skills:
・Thai, indonesian, mandarin, spanish or english
・Those who wish to work overseas

Request for consultation


Application method
Free application
Documents to be submitted
Resume (with photo) and a medical checkup receipt
Selection method
Document selection, interview, proper exam
Inquiries / contact information

Meiwa Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
〒510-1323  Ojima Komono Town, Mie Prefecture Mie Prefecture 2461-32
Responsable: Masui
TEL 059-396-1828